The Two-Step Low-FODMAP Diet and Recipe Book


The Two-Step Low-FODMAP Diet and Recipe Book details the two-phase program of the Low FODMAP diet that helps readers implement the diet by restricting high FODMAP foods, then gradually re-introducing in a carefully planned approach, some foods to help identify the TYPE and AMOUNT of FODMAPs that each reader with IBS can tolerate.



This is a reference book that provides an easy to understand guide to making the diet practical, accessible and suitable for a journey of healthy eating.

Also, there are over 80 recipes, using readily available ingredients, and weekly meal plans to help readers start the diet and maintain it over the longer-term.

Each recipe is suitable for both the 1st (restricted FODMAP) step and also, the recipes show readers how to incorporate any FODMAPs that may be tolerated after completing the 2nd (liberalisation) step of the diet. Recipes that the whole family can enjoy, incredibly delicious, easy to prepare and make you feel great!