Shepherd Works has the dietitians, resources and products to improve your health and wellbeing.

If you have Coeliac Disease, are gluten intolerant, or suffer from IBS, then a Low FODMAP Diet or Gluten Free Diet may be the answer.

Let the Shepherd Works team show you how.

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Welcome to Shepherd Works

Dr Sue Shepherd is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist heading the experienced team at Shepherd Works in Melbourne, Australia.

Shepherd Works specialises in the treatment of dietary intolerances along with many other conditions.

"It is an honour to manage my team of incredibly passionate and experienced dietitians who have helped thousands of patients from around the world. We are passionate about tailoring solutions for people suffering from digestive health problems and greatly improving their quality of lives. We thank our patients for telling us that this is what we do so well!"


More recipes than you can poke a fork at

If you thought eating for food intolerances meant going without... think again!
The range of Shepherd Works Gluten Free and Low FODMAP books will set you on an exciting culinary journey.

Low FODMAP Recipes

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Low FODMAP Recipes

Based on the Low-FODMAP Diet, designed for people with irritable bowel syndrome - $35.00

The Two-Step Low-FODMAP Diet and Recipe Book

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The Two-Step Low-FODMAP Diet and Recipe Book

An easy to understand guide to making the Low-FODMAP Diet practical, accessible and suitable for a journey of healthy eating - $35.00

Allergy Free Cooking Recipe Book

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Allergy-free cooking

All recipes suitable for a broad range of food allergies - $35.00

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