Awesome LOW FODMAP Products you will LOVE

Awesome LOW FODMAP Products you will LOVE

Here at Shepherd Works, we see that these products are favourites amongst our patients, and we’re sure you’ll agree!  These delish foods use ingredients that are low in FODMAPs*, or the products have been laboratory tested to be low FODMAP per serve.  Enjoy!!

  1. Massel 7’s Stock Cubes: You are going to love to hear that the 7’s Beef and Chicken varieties are made without onion or garlic! And, these tasty little cubes also happen to be completely vegetarian! Yep, chicken and beef by name but not by nature – so these can be your low FODMAP vegetable stock options too!
  1. Alpine Breads: Alpine Breads have definitely got people talking with their range of breads that are low FODMAP. Alpine Breads use a unique sourdough process that ensures that although otherwise high-FODMAP ingredients of wheat, spelt, barley and rye are used in the breads, the final loaf of the following styles meet the guidelines to be certified as “FODMAP Friendly”: Sour Rye, Spelt & Barley, Tuscany and Spelt & Sprouted Grains.
  1. Cobram Estate flavour-infused Olive Oils: If you can’t stomach onion and/or garlic but your tastebuds love them, now you can enjoy the taste without the side-effects! The proudly Australian brand, Cobram Estate, produce a range of flavour-infused olive oils, including Roasted Onion and Garlic. Full of anti-oxidants and the good sorts of fats, olive oil is proving again and again to be good for your health, so splash away!
  1. Pekish Rice Crackers: Oooh, these are light and crispy – and flavoursome! You’d normally expect the flavourings on rice crackers to contain onion and/or garlic, however, these tasty little dip-or cheese-toppers don’t! You can enjoy the following styles: original, cheddar cheese, sea salt & vinegar, tangy bbq, sweet chilli, lime & black pepper, lightly salted brown rice cracker and no salt brown rice cracker.
  1. Gravox “Traditional” and “Traditional Reduced Salt” Gravy Powder (in a tin): Flavour up your winter roast dinners with Gravox. You can pour to your heart’s content as there is no onion or garlic in this rich-flavoured gravy – hot chips will love it too! It’s also gluten free!
  1. Val Verde Passata Cooking Sauce: This has to be the most perfect low FODMAP ingredient for your favourite pasta dishes – and lasagne, and meatballs, and…. the list goes on! Made from pretty much 100% tomatoes, no pesky onion or garlic here. It is a delicious base to which you can add your own herbs and low FODMAP vegetables for an Italian feast to remember!
  1. Rick Grant’s seasoning mixes: Rick has been a master of gluten free foods for more than 20 years, and he has also impressed us with his range of lip-smacking flavourful low FODMAP seasoning mixes. You won’t believe there is no onion or garlic in any of these amazing products: Wedges Seasoning Mix, Chicken Seasoning Mix, Fish Seasoning Mix and Tempura Batter Mix.
  1. Mamee Sour Cream and Chives Rice Chips: So you knew that chives are low FODMAP, right? And so are these delish chippies by Mamee – look out for them in major supermarkets (and you might also like to know that there are lots of other flavours in the Mamee range of snacks that are low FODMAP too)!
  1. Carman’s Fruit Free Muesli: We love Carman’s Original Fruit Free Muesli –it boasts a great flavour profile (now sweetened with golden syrup instead of honey), and it’s full of nourishing ingredients! This yummo muesli offers oodles of goodness in every bowl – less than 4g sugar per serve, low GI and a 4.5 health star rating!
  1. Liddell’s entire Lactose Free range: Liddell’s lactose-free products debuted on our supermarket shelves 20 years ago with their market-leading range of lactose free milks (full cream, low fat and skim). Today, the Liddell’s lactose free range has expanded enormously – you can now enjoy lactose free: vanilla custard, chocolate-flavoured milk, cream cheese, sour cream, yoghurt (strawberry and plain) and cheeses. And when you buy, you help our Aussie dairy farmers, too!

And if you’d like to see even more fantastic products that are made with ingredients low in FODMAPs, check out Sue’s Low FODMAP Diet Food Shopping Guide!  Available from our website, click here.


* If a product listed here contains a high-FODMAP ingredient, the amount of high-FODMAP ingredient used in the product is so minimal, or serving size is so small, that it is very likely to be tolerated by those on a low FODMAP diet!  Assess your own individual tolerance.  Products listed here are a guide only at the time of publishing. Read ingredients to check suitability before purchase and consumption. This list contains products available for sale in Australia.


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