Highlights from the 2016 Sydney (NSW/ACT) Gluten Free Expo

Highlights from the 2016 Sydney (NSW/ACT) Gluten Free Expo

There were many exhibitors alongside Shepherd Works at this year’s Gluten Free Expo, held on 26-27th August 2016.  You would know many of the companies showcasing their GF goodies, as you can thankfully find them in our major supermarkets. So, we thought we’d put the spotlight on some of the smaller businesses doing great things and who were stand outs at the expo…

Teff Tribe: The small grain with a long history! The folk at Teff Tribe have a range of teff products, and for those of you who haven’t used this nutritious gluten free healthy grain before, go to the fantastic website www.tefftribe.com.au to see how to cook it and enjoy lots of great recipes using teff. The range includes Teff Grain Ivory, Teff Grain Brown, Teff Flour Ivory and Teff Flour Brown. Go for it!

Golden Pig and Co:  Oh my! Potstickers – gluten free dumplings! Now you’ve fallen off your chair, you need to get back to reading this – yes, gluten free dumplings! The super-lovely Mum & Dad duo who developed these goodies named their company in honour of their daughter, Jordyn (who has lots of food allergies), who was born in the Chinese zodiac’s Year of the Golden Pig. With divine delectable flavours including: Pork and Snow Pea Sprout, Beef and Bok Choy, Spiced Ginger Beef, Tofu and Coriander, Chicken and Lemongrass, you will be in dumpling heaven! The entire range is gluten free and most are also free from eggs, dairy, sesame, seafood, MSG and preservatives. Many ingredients are also certified organic! They are available at selected stores in NSW, ACT and Victoria (if you live in other states, contact them to ask them to stock near you!!)  Further details at: www.goldenpigco.com.au

Mrs Mac’s Pies:  If you patron many BP and Caltex service stations around Australia, you’ll notice their preferred pie for sale are the Mrs Mac’s pies…. and they now do four gluten free varieties:  Gluten Free Beef Pie, Gluten Free Curry Vegetable Pie, Gluten Free Beef Roll with Vegetables and Gluten Free Vegetable and Ricotta Roll. Go to their website for their “pie locator” so you know where to find your local Mrs Mac’s pies!  www.mrsmacs.com.au

Itha’s Puddings and Gourmet Foods: You have got to try this fantastic gluten free range, including Gluten Free Traditional Christmas Pudding, Triple Chocolate Pudding, Fig and Pear Pudding (also lactose free), Port and Pecan Christmas Cake (also lactose free), Sticky Date Puddings (large and individual), Brandy Butterscotch Sauce, Creamy Caramel Sauce, Magical Mocha Sauce, Naughty Irish Cream Sauce, Vanilla Bean Custard Sauce and Very Very Chocolate Sauce.  www.ithaspuddings.com.au/gluten-free

Diego’s:  More than just corn tortillas, Diego’s is your one-stop-shop for gluten free Mexican goodness! Visit www.diegosauthenticfoods.com.au/ to see all the gluten free authentic mexi-goodness they offer – you’ll love every bite of their GoMex Tortillas, Soft Taco Kit and Enchilada Kit. These kits are sure to be a hit with the family and for a quick and easy tasty dinner – and they are Australian made. Great work, Diego’s!

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Products listed here are a guide only at the time of publishing. Read ingredients to check suitability before purchase and consumption. This list contains products available for sale in Australia.